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Why Buy From Us?

Beyond the Beauty Business B.S.

No Fancy Marketing

Built by word-of-mouth

Big brands spend more on marketing than what goes in the bottle. We spend on ingredients instead.

Our products are our "marketing"--chances are you've tried one or a friend brought you here.

No Middleman

Savings passed to you.

Brands like Clinique (owned by Estee Lauder), Kiehls (L'Oreal) and Art of Shaving (Procter & Gamble) are marked up by as much as 500% by the time you buy them. We sell directly to our customers who pay for what's actually in the bottle, not markup.

No Corner-Cutting

Job #1 is pleasing you.

Unlike our competitors who sometimes have to scrimp to satisfy Wall Street's ongoing need for better quarterly results, we're not publicly-traded. We're free to spend what it takes to provide best-in-class products and customer service.